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You had to be there - Forrest November 2021

A few weeks ago, our Victorian PoB crew set off to enjoy the spring weather and life out of lockdown.

Our riders started in Melbourne and made their way down to Forrest to have lunch at the Forrest Brewing Company. Have a look at our ride gallery to see what our riders got up to.


There were 12 serious bikies and a Ducati wannabe/not gonna be/I’m in my Tesla……

We were warned of Otway critters – then kangas as soon as Anakie!! Otherwise just a bit of gavel, bark & roadwork - fortunately no green moss.



  • Siouxz and Doug

  • Darren

  • Pete the 2nd

  • Francisco & Anne

  • John

  • Raju

  • Graeme

  • Peter the Second

  • George & Jaow

Western Region:

  • Anthony

  • Peter the First

  • Paul

Road Crew:

  • Roger Tail End Charlie

  • Greg Gleason (BMW S1000XR HP - joint ride leader)

Early Days:

Greg (Clyde)’s initial comment was “watch out for critters in the Otways” but by downtown CBD Anakie we had kangas running along side!! Scary but fun…

Morning tea was at the Randy Ram oops, the Rustic Ram and the coffee, if slow, was well intentioned, but slow enough to put us behind schedule, so Red Rock got the axe…..

The road to Anakie was fun, the Brisbane Ranges have a mystical quality – the road through the Lakes district was fun.. The road to Shelford was mild fun and the road to Cressy was even more mildy “fun” – however, the lakes district was good, Colac couldn’t come fast enough for Leo & Kelly who had 30km left in the tank of a BIG bike….. So we missed Red Rock and a caravan spoiled the last 10km – who cares when we share good times like these?


How good is it when everyone gets off safe at the other end? Only ride leaders know this feeling…. Greg’s hay fever hit “fever?” point around Colac, but by then we were into the good roads all the way to Forrest….

The Destination:

A great venue…… Forrest Brewery!! The fish n chips hit the spot. Paul got less of his bowl of chips than he expected, but shared in true spirit!!

The After Party:

Shout out to Anthony – with little to go on, he built a ride to meet in Meredith, and got there within 5 minutes of the Melbourne group – I suspect this boy has class we haven’t even seen…. To George & Jaow, my partner Sally is truly chastened!! She’ll be on the next one….


In addition to Anthony Harrington the alt ride leader, thanks to Roger, Tail End Charlie/sweeper extraordinaire. Also, many thanks to Siouxz who arranged the morning tea and lunch venues. And thanks to all those who came along and made it such a BLAST!!

Cheers & salutations

Clyde Linson (aka Greg Gleason)

Ride Leader (You had to be there)

If you're a mental health professional who rides a motorbike and would like to get involved in our welcoming, like-minded and genuine crew, click the link below to join Psychs on Bikes.

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