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Ride Calendar


Our official organised and social rides are important for the mental health of our community and Member stakeholders.

Official PoB organised rides are where we visit local communities and offer a presentation to anyone who will listen, and mental health checks to address the four silent killers: hypertension, diabetes, alcohol abuse and depression. 

Our social rides are where we get to reacquaint ourselves to each other and welcome new members. There's nothing like being connected to the great outdoors and to build the camaraderie that helps us deliver our organise rides.



Tumbarumba Ride

Dec 5 2021

Psychs on Bikes will attend the Snowy Valley's family day to celebrate and provide support to the Tumbarumba community

 QLD social ride

Oct 30-31st 2021

Woodford to Killarney return

VIC social ride

Nov 27 2021

One day ride from Melbourne to Forrest return

Ride to Remember

February 6th 2022

Riding in support of the Blue Ribbon Foundation. Starts in Ararat.

Snowy Ride

April 2-3rd 2022

Psychs on Bikes is planning on having a contingent at the 20th & FINAL Honda Snowy Ride.

Big Lap 2022

April 3rd

Straight after the Snowy Ride, the Big Lap begins with dedicated riders and a support crew riding their way to Perth, then Darwin. In Darwin they'll meet up with the Cattle Station PoBs.

Cattle Station Ride

April 30th TBC

It will take roughly four weeks for our Big Lappers to reach Darwin. From here, some of our riders will ride, or have their bikes shipped to Darwin. And we begin the Cattle Station visits from Darwin to Southern Queensland. This should take us about 12 days.


November 2022

An official organised PoB ride to Tasmania


Would you like to suggest a ride? 

It's easy! Contact your local PoB lead rider and have a chat. Or if you're on our Whatsapp group already suggest it to your local Members.



Victorian Lead

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Queensland Lead

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New South Wales & ACT Lead