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Our Story

Since 2011, Psychs on Bikes has delivered more than one thousand one-on-one health checks in rural and remote Australia. Our most significant outcome has been raising an individual’s awareness of the implications of their mental suffering both for themselves and their families, along with destigmatising the idea of seeking help and working to identify ways they might begin the process of helping themselves.

Psychs on Bikes has also allowed mental health professionals to share the experience of the 'open road' and develop lasting bonds which are carried over into everyday life.

Mental illness is more prevalent in rural and remote areas than in metropolitan areas; suicide rates are very much higher and services are usually less readily available. Motorcycling mental health professionals visiting outback towns attract attention and encourage some men who might not otherwise seek help for mental ill health to undergo a "men's health check".

PoB has a zero-tolerance policy for any form of discrimination, bullying, harassment or abuse and is committed to educating others to do the same.

How it all started 

Founder Dr Joseph Dunn, FRANZCP 1990, MBBS University of Auckland 1978

Joe, otherwise known as the 'Fat Controller", founded Psychs On Bike along with a couple of his colleagues during a motorcycle ride across the Nullarbor Plains in 2011. Joe combined his love of motorcycle touring and mental health into Psychs on Bikes. He has inspired a wide range of mental health professionals from across the country to join him on epic rides across Australia. 

Why our work matters

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Our Story in Pictures

More than anything else Psychs on Bikes is a community. We support others, as well as each other. Our rides accommodate beginners all the way to committed enthusiasts. No one is left behind. Join us on an upcoming ride and become a bona fide PoB Member.

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