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Social Ride with our Victorian PoB Crew - Nov 27th

Our Victorian Psychs on Bikes are setting off on with their motorbikes for a much needed reprieve from lockdown.

If you're a mental health professional who rides a motorbike and would like to meet other like-minded professionals and just genuinely nice people, then join us on the ride.

November 27th is the day of the ride. More details when you let us know you'll be coming along. And how do you do that?

Let us know you're interested in coming along here:

So where are we going? We're not sure yet but keep the day free!

So who's in?!

Don't forget: As a mental health professional you can become a Psychs on Bikes Member. As a PoB Member you get access to our insurance cover, access to our vibrant whatsapp group and a snazzy PoB t-shirt!

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