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CPC Isis Downs proves a great start

After an early morning discussion with mental health staff at Blackall Hospital, Psychs on Bikes visited CPC - Consolidated Pastoral Company Isis Downs Station today. Thank you for the awesome setup in your mammoth woolshed and generosity to let us into your community!

Susan who is on the PoB Big Ride takes us through her day: We are now well and truly inland in rural Queensland. Amazing transition within 30 minutes of leaving lush and wet sunshine coast a couple of days ago - the air dries (as did my washing at last), the sky from grey to pale blue and from lush bush to pale green and yellow grasses. We passed through hundreds of hectares of agriculture - including cotton & sunflowers, and as we’ve continued to head inland the soil is browner and redder, the sky a more brilliant blue and the horizon wraps us with 360 degrees. It’s quite something to ride through.

We spent this morning on a small cattle station which was a special and unique experience - great to chat with the community, living outdoors and in the land - station chores, riding horses, managing the water bores (water sourced from the massive Great Artesian Basin for those in the know!)

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