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Who can join

Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Mental Health Nurses and Counselor's

Membership of Psychs on Bikes Inc is generally limited to motorcycle-riding psychiatrists, psychologists and mental health nurses as well as bona fide mental health professionals such as suitably qualified counselors, psychotherapists, social workers, youth workers etc. Psychs on Bikes Inc, however, invites applications for membership from “non-psychs” as long as they contribute to the organisation in a material way, such as ride organisation, public relations, administrative, legal and financial, as long as the Committee approve their application.

Why Join

Give Back

Make a difference, give back, access to Big Rides, opportunities to attend local events, meet lots of like minded people, have fun, ride motorcycles

How to Join


It's easy. Membership fee from June 2018: To join $3 plus $10 p.a. (Fin Year). This provides you with opportunities to attend to the annual Big Ride and various local events, newsletters as well as access to a great bunch of like minded mental health professionals wishing to make a difference in Rural and Remote Australia




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