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Emotional Distress in Cattle Station Staff 

What PoB learned on the 2021 Big Ride

Psychs on Bikes at a Glance

  • Motorcycle-riding mental health professionals​

  • All about rural and remote mental health (especially suicide)​

  • Started (by accident) in 2011​

  • About 70 members… and growing​

  • Together over 50,000km (longer than the equator!)​


Ways We Help

Engagement and Education

Presentations on anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, alcohol and suicide

Head Check

Mental health Support and risk factors

Body Check

Check BMI, blood pressure and disease risk factors

Triage by Psychologist 

Offer further mental health support to those who need it

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General observations

  • 3 or 4 stations cancelled at the last minute​

  • Stations are like military bases; each with a different culture​

  • Almost all the women engaged with us but only half the men

Specific issues

  • Anxiety, especially among the women​

  • Isolation, small community, loneliness​

  • Young women; considerations of sexual health​

  • Alcohol  - but monitored​

  • Triage okay – but what about a follow-up?

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A Bit of Background

  • Blokiness​

  • Stigma (mild but persistent)​

  • Telehealth and its limitations​

  • Practicalities: ​

  • --taking a half day off for an “appointment”​

  • --phone and internet access​

  • --gun licences​

  • --cost

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The future

  • Triage with psychiatrists​

  • Telehealth with psychologists​

  • Enthusiasm of companies​

  • Involvement of local GP’s

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